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Did you know that the

has more than 1300 members of both MirandaNet & ITTE
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has organised 33 international conferences around the Universities and various UK locations
The number of people who are part of the National Executive Council
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Build with us and join the conversation

Since 1996, members have been working together to ensure children have the best teaching possible in the fields of computing and educational technology.

A collective voice, is a strong voice. We are proud that: our members have helped shape curricula; our research has informed practice both nationally and internationally; our members have written some of the major textbooks in the field of educational technology. 

  • The MirandaNet Fellowship formed in 1992 is a driven international community of professional educators, practitioners, researchers, agency partners and educational product developers with a unique approach to continuing professional development (CPD), education, innovation and research.
  • It developed an active, practice-based research focussed CPD framework known as iCatalyst.
  • As a member of TPEA, you join the MirandaNet community which disseminates its research findings freely to more than 1000 members and Associates through websites, online forums, newsletters and events.

TPEA who are organising this conference aim to strengthen educators’ research voice and influence policy and practice in technology. Our purpose is to impact on learning by uniting research and practice in our support of initial and continuing professional development for educational professionals. TPEA members publish widely in professional journals, newsletters and in the education press and write most of the standard course books used in teacher education published by Routledge.

To be formally launched in 2019, TPEA is a partnership between the Association of Teacher Educators in Information Technology (ITTE) founded in 1986, and the MirandaNet Fellowship, founded in 1992, which together have nearly 1,500 members world wide. The name was chosen to align with ITTE’s well established international journal, Technology, Pedagogy and Education published by Taylor Francis that is edited by members. This is one of the top-ranked international journals in educational research.

Joining a TPEA Conference enables you as an individual to connect with a community of educators, researchers, practitioners and TPEA Business Research Associates who are passionate about education technology. You will build friends for life; create new working relationships and above all have fun, food and laugh with people you have some in common with - what's not like?

Jon Audain
TPEA Vice-Chair & Chair of the Conference Committee,
Institute of Education, University of Winchester