Practical Pedagogy 40 New Ways to Teach and Learn


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1. Innovative pedagogy Section 1. Personalization 2. Adaptive teaching 3. Spaced learning 4. Personal inquiry 5. Dynamic assessment 6. Stealth assessment 7. Translanguaging Section 2. Connectivity
8. Crossover learning 9. Seamless learning
10. Incidental learning 11. Learning from gaming 12. Geo-learning 13. Learning through social media 14. Navigating knowledge Section 3. Reflection
15. Explore first 16. Teachback 17. Learning through argumentation 18. Computational thinking
19. Learning from animations 20. Learning to learn 21. Assessment for learning 22. Formative analytics Section 4. Extension 23. Threshold concepts
24. Learning through storytelling 25. Learning through wonder 26. Learning in remote science labs 27. Context-based learning 28. Event-based learning 29. Learning for the future Section 5. Embodiment 30. Embodied learning 31. Immersive learning
32. Maker culture 33. Bricolage 34. Design thinking Section 6. Scale 35. Massive open social learning 36. Crowd learning 37. Citizen inquiry 38. Rhizomatic learning 39. Reputation management 40. Open pedagogy 41. Humanistic knowledge-building communities 42. Pedagogies in practice

Practical Pedagogy

40 New Ways to Teach and Learn

Mike Sharples, The Open University, UK

Practical Pedagogy expands the universe of teaching and learning. It provides an accessible guide to new and emerging innovations in education, with insights into how to become more effective as a teacher and learner. New teachers will find a comprehensive introduction to innovative ways of teaching and learning. Experienced educators will be surprised by the range of useful pedagogies, such as translanguaging, crossover learning, teachback, bricolage and rhizomatic learning. Policy makers will gain evidence of how new teaching methods work in practice, with resources for curriculum design and course development.